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Sheetal & Andrew — Minted
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Wedding Party

Emily Hollerbach

Maestro of Honor

I met Sheetal in freshman year of college and got to be her roommate the rest of our college years together. We even lived in the same apartment complex for a little while after college.

One of my fondest memories was Drew and Vince singing "the whisper song" outside our apartment with the music really loud while all the parents were helping their kids move into the dorms. Me and Sheezy just watched and laughed.

Sheetal is the most sweet and innocent person I have as a friend! I had such a good time corrupting her muah hahaha. She has such a pure love and respect for her parents and her family that I found truly touching (and still do!). And wow, what a badass business woman now that she's a grown up! She continues to amaze and impress me in new ways!


Ambica Soni


I have known Sheetal since she was born. I’m her older cousin. ❤️. Drew should know that she is AWESOME! (He already knows her so well).

My fondest memory is seeing them together cooking, playing video games, and just being there for one another. They are the perfect match.

My relationship with Sheetal means the world to me. She is my little sister ❤️


Muriel Taylor


I met Sheetal in High School.

I love how Drew and Sheetal interact with each other. One of my fondest memories was going out to brunch and laughing and talking all day. After meeting Drew, I mentioned to Sheetal, I totally get it, I see it. That man loves you!

Sheetal and I ran into each other for years in Charlotte. Whether it was seeing each other at the mall, walking to work in Uptown, or just around town we always saw each other in passing.

Finally, one June day we went for drinks at Hoppin’ and the rest is history. Re-connecting with someone you knew from your hometown and getting to know them as adults is very special. I am so happy to have a friend as sweet, caring, and thoughtful as Sheetal. 💗


Arrwinie Soni


Sheetal is family. My one and only Sister in law whom I love!

Shee and Drew's proposal was my fondest memory of the couple. It was perfect and so well executed, and I got a chance to help distract her so she had no idea it was coming :)!

Shee's the kindest, most beautiful person inside out.

I'm so grateful for the bond that I share with her. I love how we can always be honest and open with each other. Sheetal Di is not just my sister in law but a sister I gained from marriage, a true friend and confidante.

What I have with her is a special and unique relationship that I will always cherish and be thankful for.


Natasha Sandhir


I met Sheetal at a Diwali party!

There are so many fond memories I have of the couple! The first time I met Drew and asked his intentions, he obviously gave the perfect answers because of his love for her. He is the most supportive partner.

Drew knows everything about her! But Sheetal has an internal monologue thought process that she is sometimes scared to articulate. So ask her "that pointed question" when she is overreacting to a situation.

Sheetal is one of my best friends and our relationship means so much to me.


Saloni Shah


I met Sheetal at one of our friend's mixers.

My best memory of Sheetal and Drew together was when Drew had just moved to Charlotte, and I met him at Sheetal's condo. The way Sheetal's face lit up every time he walked into the room, and the way she did not hold any piece of herself back is what made me realize how special their relationship was.

I don’t think there are any parts of Sheetal that Drew doesn’t know of. I am so happy that they are together!

Sheetal is that piece of my soul I did not know I was missing or absolutely needed to get through life.

I love you.


Prachi Ghadi


I stole Sheetal's friendship from my husband :)!

My fondest memory is actually the way Shee and Drew weave into each others lives so seamlessly. They do little things every day for each other as true partners! They give each other grace, space, and love through their actions and words.

Sheetal is an introvert that has extrovert tendencies. So you may get whiplash from going between a jam packed social calendar to hiding in your home for a break from people. It’s really endearing once you are prepared for it.

My relationship to Sheetal is like being grounded to reality and getting a mirror that shows me my truth but in the most loving ways!


Kristina Breziecha


Sheetal lived upstairs from our friend Val at the University of Scranton. One day, I was visiting Val early in our freshmen year and Shiggsie came into Val’s room and I loved her from the very start!

Well Drew still can’t tell me and Val apart 😉, but I remember some fun times at Sheetal’s apartment in Scranton!

I think Drew knows most of this because he is a smart man but Sheetal is one of the most caring, loving, funny people I know, and she will do anything for those that she loves. She is also tender hearted though she doesn’t always show it. So I ultimately hope he knows that he is one lucky person to get to marry Sheetal!

Oh goodness, Sheetal is one of those people who makes any room light up with her beautiful smile and wonderful laugh. Every time we spend any time together whether on the phone or in person, I leave feeling happier. In part because I can be silly and Shiggsie is right there for that, and then I can just be real and know that she loves and supports me which is such a gift.

So the older I get the more I appreciate just how lucky I am to get to call her my friend and sister. Love you Shiggsie and I am so happy for you and Drew!


David Wesley Cornish

Best Man

I met Drew during lunch at Conwell Egan Highschool. He had just arrived from Ghana (again) and looked like somebody that understood the importance of good decision-making, which I also value deeply. We struck up a fast friendship and soon we were spending time with each other's families in Accra and Bensalem. It was the best of times.

I think Shee should understand that she's married to a "proper Scouser." For supporters of Liverpool FC, this makes sense. To the rest of the world, just assume Shee will be waking up early on weekend mornings to the savage sound of him yelling "GOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL" at the top of his voice. They have cool scarves though so it's not a total loss.

I first met Shee and Drew (as a couple) when I visited them at the University of Scranton. They showed me around the Electric City (home of The Office), and every time they looked at each other it was magnetic. 20 years later, I saw them both in New Jersey and the look was the same as the first day I met them. I'm really glad that some things don't change. Congratulations to you two and let the celebrations begin!


Lawrence Bentil


Drew is my cousin but really more like my brother. We grew up together in Accra and we looked out for each other and even rode the same bus to school for years.

A favorite memory with Drew would be my bachelor party in the DR. It was super lit (we flipped an ATV) and could not have been any better than spending it with Drew and my friends. From the drinks to the dancing to the boat, it was amazing and I loved it!

Sheetal, one thing you should know about Drew is he will always be there to help when you need it. He's an easy going guy who will always place you on the right path.

I also had the opportunity to travel to Hawaii with the couple and my wife Korie. We had a blast throughout our stay in Honolulu. Talking in the scenery, relaxing on beaches, visiting the pineapple factory, having some great ice cream with the couple etc. Fun times indeed and I will definitely do it again with these 2 awesome people. Love you Sheetal and Drew. Y’all the best.


Esteban Zuno


I met Andrew [Anhu] while studying abroad in Beijing. We were both attending The Beijing Center at the University of International Business and Economics and had a blast. We formed friendships for life there.

We've also shared some amazing moments. A few favorites are of Drew putting on a show at every karaoke bar he could find with his rendition of I Want It That Way. We also had the chance to road trip along the East Coast hitting up historic sites and great food. Lots of fun memories from that trip!

Drew has a heart of gold. He can make a room full of strangers friends in no time, has a trivia champion knowledge level of movies, pop culture and sports. But man, does he have some great embarrassing stories. Just reach out to us for some laughs.

Shee and Drew recently visited us in the Bay Area on their drive to Napa. We had fun at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, visited more wineries than we should in one day, and ate our way through every city we stopped in. Best meal shared together was Shee's home cooked curry. Can't wait to make more memories (and more curry)!


Gorav Soni


I met Drew through my sister. He's been there for her through a lot and always treated my family like his family.

One of my favorite memories with Drew was when he came to check on me after the VA Tech shootings. It was a really difficult time and it helped to know I had so many people in my corner.

On a funny note, I always rag on him for liking "The Greatest of All Time" LeBron James. Yeah right. LBJ is singlehandedly ruining The Lakers and somebody has to let Drew know how and why as often as possible.

Sheetal should know that Drew will buy her anything she wants even if Drew disagrees :).

One of my favorite memories of the couple is their engagement. Drew reached out to me before and asked for permission to do it in my home. It was a beautiful moment with a lot of our family present. It's been pure joy having a sister but now, I'm looking forward to having a brother too.


Diego Reynoso


I met Drew during freshman year at the University of Scranton. With memories of Steamtown Mall, prank wars, and hosting some epic parties in Scranton, he will remain dear to my heart for all time.

We have some hilarious stories. In freshman year for example, we regularly destroyed each other's rooms for laughs. We'd come back from class and our rooms would be covered in bits of string, paper, ribbon, popcorn, and pennies . We called it "rampaging". After one spectacular rampage, Drew (and Antwuan- shout out to the Bros 2006) returned the favor by dumping a thick layer of baby powder on every inch of my room. This triggered the fire alarms before it triggered me, and The Scranton Fire Department arrived first. We still have no comment on the matter.

Sheetal should know that Drew has a thirst for knowledge which is how he shows his love. If there is anything bothering you, be open and communicate it with Drew. If it's something someone else has done, he will give such great advice on how to handle the situation and come out of it a stronger person. He'll likely give you book as well lol. If he has hurt you somehow, let him know and ask for the time for him to reflect. He knows so much and has a big heart and wants to see loved ones happy.

A wonderful memory I have with with the couple is my 21st birthday celebration. I felt surrounded with love and friendship and Drew & Shee were a big reason for that. Once Drew moved to Charlotte with Shee, I visited them for a weekend. Their life was filled with love, laughter, friendships and lots of adulting. I'm really happy to see the life they're building together.


Keenan Toure


I met Drew during graduate school at Seton Hall University. We vibed in the library and had quite a few classes together. Eventually, we bonded over International Relations and expanded our shared experience through travel to Europe, barbecues in Montclair, long nights in The Big Apple, and so much more. Drew was also a groomsman at my wedding which meant the world to me.

We speak daily and share a tragi-comic sense of humor; along with an abiding respect for black culture, human rights, and global development which we help fund through travel lol.

My favorite memory with Drew isn't a single moment. It's a collection of moments created at Tops Diner in Newark-NJ. We bonded over good food, cultural cues, and the rollercoaster that is grad school life. Tops was our second home and their cheesecake saved our lives. They still owe us t-shirts to be honest.

Drew is one of the most thoughtful people I have ever met. His generosity is always on display for the people he calls family and friends. I have no doubt that the home and family Sheetal is building with him will be one full of love.