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Sheetal & Andrew — Minted
Let's Celebrate!
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Sheetal  and Andrew

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

Our Scranton Story

It started with Drew walking into Poli Sci class just a little bit late. Shee was there on time (as usual), and they locked eyes for a brief second as he walked by. It was electric; and it lasted just long enough to build a dream that -- with patience and effort-- they turned into a loving life together.

Once they realized that arguing with other people just wasn't the same, they became a couple with a buzzing relationship in the Electric City. Shee knew everything she needed to know when they accidentally found out she was allergic to raspberries. Drew's calm demeanor and quick thinking led them to the emergency room, where they built a foundation of care for years to come.

Drew, on the other hand, needed the reassurance that came with Shee leaping across the bar to put out the fire he set to his face doing "flaming shots." Shee even loved him through the patchiness that ensued, and deep down he knew that come what may, she was the one he could trust with his heart … and his face.

Some of our best memories were #MadeInScranton.

Let's make some more on 12.15 & 12.16.